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Folding chairs history

Egyptian folding chairs, and the subsequent Greek and Etruscan (Italy Midwest ancient) folding chairs together, became the prototype of the Roman folding chairs, during the republic of Rome, sellacurulis chair began to appear widely on the civilian court. From Rome "sellacurulis" chair, to Lombards "sellaplicatilis", then Carolingian "faldistorium", we can find a form of change. On both sides of the chair by chair legs crossed, go to the chair in front of the cross. This is to emphasize cross "X" structure, display a symbol of authority. The best example is theFranconians King Dagobert Is seat. Before Renaissance period, there has been folding chair typology. Beijing and Junxin America found a 16th-century furniture sediadellaforbice chair (scissors chair) inherited faldistorium features. But the two main differences: thechairofpetrarca and thesediaatenaglia inherited theSavonarola and thedantesca, and their intersection chair legs back to the sides of your chair. In the Baroque period, chairs contain cross-legged chair does not fold, especially in the Louis XIV to Louis XVI, X structure with a symbolic exclusion. Napoleons battlefield seat "fauteuil" Etymologically speaking from the Old French "faldestoel", while rooted in the Latin word "faldistorium". Naming past folding chairs with dignity and noble meaning, and this Napoleon chair "fauteuil" has been used as the name of Executive seat exists. 

Since the development of folding chairs folding chair seat itself becomes widespread, so there are a diversity of form and production process. Also due to the folding chairs have been a symbol of power and dignity does not contain too much, so this also led to the development of new features, new design. 19th century, folding chairs are utilitarian design products that play, there have been various forms for various purposes seats. Folding chairs have a long history of military use. It needs to have frank and compact appearance, and met durable. When it began to show aesthetics, people have a memory of it. But it was never designed to be beautiful. Napoleon chair fauteuil name from the Old French

"faldestoel", rooted in the Latin word "faldistorium", naming the last folding chair with dignity and noble meaning, and this Napoleon chair "fauteuil" has been used as the name of Executive chair exist. Tens of thousands worldwide patents on folding chairs (stool) of novel ideas. And Junxin Furniture designers, inventors and ordinary craftsmen regarded their energy into the seat design, extremely focused on folding chairs, adjustment and comfort, but not all mass-produced chair design includes a fine . Folding and portable products growing, industrial production of the smallest and lightest folding furniture components to form, in order to adapt to a variety of weather and climate. People can see everywhere in different folding camping chairs, beach leisure, sporting events, etc., it is an adaptation of all the habits and needs of the chair. Folding chairs can be used in school desk chair, can be applied in the cinema and theater ...... create a basic seat main goal is to provide short breaks can be easily folded (and collections). Folding chairs became an integral part of the furniture. Most modern folding chair is the result of a large number of social surveys and technical discussions after the design out of: Industrial visualization (thonet), along with the German Bauhaus theory, folding chairs designed in 1965 to 75 years began to flourish.

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